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  • Ep 9 Exploration of Identity. Great Epsisode.... Ep 9: More Exploration of Identity.

    So we have a core MM thing going on, in the exploration of identity.

    Peggy is still between the proto-hippy and the old guard. Yet again the proto-hippy guy disrespects her and cares not for what she her own self cares about, her work; of course thinking and insisting he's right and gentle and righteous but is really nothing other than a bully. In addition, Peggy needs not nor wants a Superman, but he tries to be, not well rounded enough to know that's what he's really doing to her. He's wrong but insists he's right.

    Sally is at the same time a rebel from Betty, yet a model of Betty.

    Dr. Faye is down a certain path, having identity come in to play with her about what she feels Don is assuming she's supposed to be vs who she really is.

    Joan is getting a little bit of it as well. Joan is caught somewhere between the identity of Blankenship, but also she was somewhat the proto-Peggy before Peggy, but she's closer to Blankenship.

    Then Blankenship dies. Bert and Roger are a bit tore up. It's the beginning of the end of the old guard.
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    Posted: Sep 19 2010, 7:27 PM EDT by Greg1835
  • Episode 3.8 "Souvenir" Discussion Thread On tonight's episode, Don takes Betty with him on a business trip, while Pete helps out someone in his building. (Has everyone suddenly found religion or something?)

    Let's talk here after the show!

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    Posted: Oct 4 2009, 5:08 PM EDT by amy_c
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