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  • don draper although don has continued his cheating ways in season six he has taken it one step further(worse) by cheating with his friends wife.i did not see that as somethng that would be in his character. is this his self destruction getting worse or are the writers losing the true essence of don draper? with pete and don both cheating in episode three it seems a little soap opera-ish which is not in keeping with the caliber of the show.
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    Posted: Apr 17 2013, 4:55 PM EDT by supersusan
  • betty draper has no one noticed that betty was sexually abused as a child by her father and her comments about sandy to her husband were related to her own childhood abuse? I found her comments to be out of character for her and suggest she may be having some form of meltdown or breakdown..has anyone made this connection?i have not read anything related on the chats or blogs.
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    Posted: Apr 17 2013, 4:47 PM EDT by supersusan
  • Homeland: The Complete First Season (2011) Hailed as TV's best new drama by critics everywhere, the award-winning HOMELAND* delivers compelling

    characters, thrilling twists and breathtaking suspense. Carrie Mathison (Golden Glober winner Claire

    Danes), a brilliant but volatile CIA agent, suspects that a rescued American POW may not be what he

    seems. Is Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody_(Damian Lewis) a war hero...or an Al Qaeda sleeper agent plotting

    a spectacular terrorist attack on U.S. soil? Following her instincts, Mathison will risk everything to

    uncover the truth - her reputation, her career and even her sanity. Packed with multiple layers and

    hidden clues, Season One offers something new every time you see carefully.
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    Posted: Oct 23 2012, 9:33 AM EDT by homeland123
  • Justified: The Complete Second Season (2011) In the aftermath of the deadly showdown that freed Harlan County from the Crowder family crime reign,

    U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens must now take on even greater criminal forces looking to seize power -

    including hellbent nemesis Boyd Crowder and the arrival of brutal, new adversary Mags Bennett (Emmy®

    Winner Margo Martindale). Filled with treacherous twists at every turn... the second season of

    "Justified" proves "spectacularly entertaining" (TV Guide) and has established itself as a show for the

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    Posted: Oct 23 2012, 9:31 AM EDT by homeland123
  • Prometheus (2012) You want an alien world created anew, with wonders and horrors lurking in its furrows? You go to Ridley

    Scott, of course, spectacle maker and pictorialist par excellence. So Prometheus is bound to be eye

    filling, with fully wrought planetary vistas and occasionally jaw-dropping visual coups. And did we use

    the word alien back there? Yes, folks, Prometheus is a prequel, in a sideways sort of fashion, to

    Scott's 1979 Alien original--or at least it's a long-distant stage setter for that story. This one

    begins with a space mission that could reveal the extraterrestrial roots of Earth, although what's

    buried out on the planet turns out to be much more complicated than expected. In the midst of

    suspenseful episodes (and a few contrived plot turns), Prometheus reaches for Big Answers to Big

    Questions, in a grand old sci-fi tradition. This lends the movie a hint of metaphysical energy, even if

    Scott's reach extends well, well beyond his grasp. The hokier moments are carried off with brio by

    Michael Fassbender (the robot on board), Charlize Theron, and Idris Elba, and then you've got Noomi

    Rapace entering the badass hall of fame for a long, oh-no-they-didn't sequence involving radical

    surgery, which might just induce the vapors in a few viewers. Even if Prometheus has its holes, the

    sheer size of the thing is exciting to be around. Because this movie is gigantic.
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    Posted: Oct 23 2012, 9:29 AM EDT by homeland123
  • Mad Men: Season Five (2012) Mad Men" is back. Season Five of Mad Men, four-time Emmyr winner for Outstanding Drama Series and

    winner of three consecutive Golden Globesr, plunges into the seductive and intriguing world of Sterling

    Cooper Draper Pryce. Jon Hamm and the rest of the award-winning cast continue to mesmerize as they

    adapt to changing times, social revolution, and a radical world. Lust is back. Adultery is back.

    Deception is back.
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    Posted: Oct 23 2012, 9:27 AM EDT by homeland123
  • Awesome Mad Men Shirt Hey everyone, I created a shirt inspired by the show and, specifically, Megan Draper... if you use the link below you can purchase it or $20 instead of $30.
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    Posted: May 13 2012, 1:52 PM EDT by JeffUnderguard
  • 2012 season when does or has season already started? also is their a mad men sound tract?
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    Posted: Apr 1 2012, 5:34 AM EDT by aelvin77
  • Peggy's Intoduction to the Office When Peggy joins the firm as a secretary, sexism is rampant, though it is clear from the start that she is not one of those women (like Joan) who has learned to prosper and even thrive in a sexist world. As Joan mentions, the best possible outcome for Peggy in a few years would be for her to be living in the country and not have to work at all -- in other words, to be well married. To that end, everyone keeps advising Peggy to show off her ankles, stop dressing like a schoolgirl. No one seems to be able to imagine that she might want a job like Don Draper's. It is almost strange that she and Joan get along so well -- remember Joan introducing her to that intimidating technology -- the typewriter? But Peggy really gushes to Joan about how helpful she has been -- but I detect that it IS gush, not totally sincere.

    Many people seem to regard Don Draper as the ultimate bad guy, but when he defends Peggy against Pete Campbell's disrespectful attitude we see him in a very positive light. Speaking of which, I can't really see Peggy's acceptance of Pete as lover so abruptly when he shows up drunk at her door. I suppose this is a message about Peggy's determination to run her life as she chooses.
    Thread location: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
    Posted: Aug 18 2011, 12:14 AM EDT by geneven
  • Don Draper at The Circus Help the students of The Creative Circus bring Don Draper to their school for graduation. In other words, if you're in Atlanta.. help bring Don Draper to YOU!
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    Posted: Aug 8 2011, 12:59 PM EDT by HagSnaps
  • We've come along way, baby Not sure where EasyEdit is located, but for this section, one of the scenes I found revealing was when the Draper kids are playing in the house. The daughter has a plastic dry cleaning bag over her head and when Betty asks her to, "come here." you think she is going to warn her about possible suffocation, she is more concerned with whether or not her dry cleaning is ruffled. Apparently those warnings came out much later.
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    Posted: Aug 5 2011, 4:47 AM EDT by zfuqua
  • Man Men After Show for Tonight's Episode For an in depth discussion of tonights's MAD MEN episode, check out:

    We host one every week LIVE 1.5hrs after the show ends. Be sure to listen in and give us your opinion by dialing 347 855 8269! And sorry for all you East Coast people that it's so late, you can always download our archived show the next day. And let us know what you think by emailing us @

    Follow us on

    Our website will launch soon too!
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    Posted: Oct 3 2010, 8:48 AM EDT by afterbuzztv
  • Finding the drinking glasses with autumn leaves printed in gold leaf? This will really test your knowledge! I have a set of these cocktail glasses that were my parents that have gold leafed autumn leaves on them. A friend came to my house and SWEARS that they have drank from them at the Drapers, she thinks in season one. Is this true? Can you tell me the season and episode if you remember them? I think she is wrong and we have a sizable bet on it and I figure YOU all are the experts in all things MM! Many thanks in advance
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    Posted: Sep 14 2010, 5:05 PM EDT by simplifyyou
  • Motivation research If you want to know more about motivation research which was featured in last night's episode, check out FREUD ON MADISON AVENUE: MOTIVATION RESEARCH AND SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISING IN AMERICA
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    Posted: Aug 2 2010, 5:06 AM EDT by LarrySamuel
  • Mad Men Casting Call Contest 2010 Check out the Mad Men Casting Call photo contest 2010! Good Luck everyone!!
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    Posted: Jul 24 2010, 11:19 AM EDT by Drenangel
    Online auction that benefits local public school. Mad Men is offering a VIP set visit for 2 people!! What a rare opportunity to see Don & Betty in all their glory, up close and personal.... Please bid to help our kids' school!! Please pass on to all the Mad Men fans you know....
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    Posted: May 18 2010, 8:36 PM EDT by llibby
  • Bryan Batt at Book Soup! Meet Bryan Batt and drink Maker's Mark whisky this Saturday night in West Hollywood!
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    Posted: May 12 2010, 10:41 AM EDT by BookSoup
  • KENNY COSGROVE I really wish they would do something with this character. He's just kind of there. How about a romantic interest for Peggy?
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    Posted: Mar 29 2010, 12:54 PM EDT by SterlingCoop
  • Mad Men Barbie and Ken in New York Times! Have you seen this???

    This month, for our March/April issue, I collaborated with some One-Of-A-Kind doll artists to create our own custom MAD MEN dolls, wearing fashions directly from the TV show, along with an amazingly detailed miniature diorama of Don Draper's office (COMPLETE with cocktails and cigarettes).

    Here are links to the sneak previews I have on my web site

    Feel free to share these links with any friends or colleague who may be interested in MAD MEN and/or the Mattel version of the dolls, especially any one who may be blogging about the dolls, and wondering where one could find miniature martini's and Lucky Strikes ; )

    Michael Williams
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    Posted: Mar 10 2010, 3:20 AM EST by
  • MAD MEN - InStyle Magazine

    SNEAK A PEEK AT BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS AND INTERVIEWS WITH THE CAST OF MAD MEN - in your January copy of InStyle - available 3rd December!!!
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    Posted: Dec 1 2009, 12:14 AM EST by sbankpr
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